Timea Nagy

Timea Nagy is a trafficking survivor from Budapest, Hungary and was forced into sex work for three traumatizing months when she ended up in Canada after being promised an exciting new job. Since her escape, she has committed her life to combat against and eradicate modern-day slavery. Recognized for her efforts in social justice by Queen Elizabeth II as well as the Prime Minister and the Attorney General of Canada to name a few, Timea works closely with numerous public and private establishments educating others on what sex trafficking entails, determined to encourage victims to speak out. Her memoir, Out of The Shadows - where she shares her personal story - became a national bestseller soon after its publication. As a bestselling author, survivor and an internationally award-winning global influencer, Timea E. Nagy is also the host of her online talk show “Now You Know,” where she focuses on discussing social justice issues with her guests.  

Now You Know is an online educational “talk show” style series created and hosted by Nagy herself.  The principle of the show is to inspire, unite, and educate the public on various issues by striking up meaningful, deep conversations with guests; experts in the matter at hand, celebrities, politicians, change-makers, heroes or everyday people whose experiences need to be heard. Produced and edited by the team behind Timea’s Cause Inc., each episode of the show is streamed live-to-air monthly (with some segments of the show pre-recorded) and broadcasted on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.