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Client Achievements

At RP Communications we are so proud of the

accomplishments of our clients and partners.  


Barack Obama in Toronto

We were honoured to play a key role in communications supporting client Economic Club of Canada's historic event, where President Barack Obama delivered an inspiring keynote address in Toronto in 2020. Working closely with the club's President, Rhiannon Rosalind, and her team, we led the publicity efforts. 

Deborah Cox Honoured by Canada

In 2022 Deborah Cox became the first Black woman inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. She also received a star on Canada's Walk of Fame and received the Key to The City of Toronto in the same year.

Key To The City.JPG

Yoga Magazine

Client Kyla Fox graced the cover of Yoga Magazine in 2019 to share her inspiring story of eating disorder recovery and the essential role that her yoga practice played in it. 

I'll Start Again Tomorrow Book

Client Sonia Jhas, released her debut book, "I'll Start Again Tomorrow: And Other Lies I've Told Myself." We organized a press tour that included appearances on some of the nation's most watched television shows, radio interviews and a cover story for a digital publication. 

CEO Mom Cover.jpg

CEO Mom Magazine

In 2018 client Dr. Sapna graced the cover of CEO Mom Magazine and shared an inspiring tale of successfully managing both her medical practice and parenting responsibilities.

Free-Them Freedom Walk

The RP Communications has worked closely for a remarkable organization that is making a significant impact in the fight against human trafficking. The Free-Them Freedom Walk, a recurring event, serves as a powerful platform to raise critical awareness about this issue. Our team is grateful to have the opportunity to support this important initiative, and we remain committed to utilizing our resources to promote and publicize all of Free-Them's campaigns and events.

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 3.56.12 PM.png

The Social

Client Tania DaSilva, a Child and Youth Therapist, has become a recurring favorite on one of Canada's most revered shows, CTV's The Social!

OptyMYz Magazine

Over the last few years, client and Mindset + Wellness Expert, Sonia Jhas has appeared on the cover of OptiMYze Magazine twice. Once for being named top health influencer and once for being named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women. 

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