Sunny Verma

Sunny Verma founded TutorBright in 2009 after volunteering to help out a friend’s younger sister with Grade 12 English. Watching her build confidence and gain a new zest for life, Sunny developed a love for education and quit his job as a management consultant and founded TutorBright.


The company prides itself with its unique approach to education. Sunny and his team believe in breaking down barriers that hinder kids from learning and providing them with the building blocks to success. What started out as a one-man operation, TutorBright now employs several thousands of tutors and works with tens of thousands of clients.


As one of the leading voices in education, Sunny has appeared on top media outlets across Canada including Breakfast Television, Global Television, Sirius XM, Rogers TV, CHCH, Huffington Post and more. Sunny was most recently featured in the New York Times.